Quick Start Guide

Requirements in a nutshell:

Be in possession of a minimum of 30 registered cows after selection and one registered Bonsmara stud bull for a first inspection

Performance testing and record keeping of these animals is compulsory:

  • BenguFarm Beef software  
  • Birth notices and weighing at birth of cows and calves
  • Weighing procedures for different ages and scrotum measurements
  • Compulsory DNA-samples for herd sires and paternal testing
  • Minimum reproduction standards for cows and heifers
  • Mating register
  • Tattooing and ear coding of animals

Steps to becoming a registered breeder:

  • Registration with the Namibian Bonsmara Cattle Breeders Association
  • Registration with SA Studbook
  • Registration with Logix
  • Acquisition of BenguFarm Beef software in order to carry out performance testing

Visit the Sign Up Page by clicking the button below for all the documents needed for registration.
Download the form Application Letter New breeder for more precise informations.
You can then download each of the other forms in order to apply for registration with the necessary institutions.

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