ZuniCa Bonsmaras

Windhoek District
Nic & Sunja van Heerden
+264 81 261 7308
+264 81 289 5257

Weener, a rocky mountain farm, with low rainfall and little water next to the Gamsberg Mountain, the home of ZuniCa Bonsmaras. The farm consists of 9600 ha, but farming is only possible on 5500ha as the rest is inhabitable mountain areas with a height difference of 900m over 15km from the northern boundary to the southern boundary.

Why Bonsmaras in this nearly inhabitable area? We needed to make the most of what we got and the Bonsmara has it all! Being the only scientifically formulated breed; it is hardy, well adapted and fertile with good milk production, good growth and tested quality genetics on the market.

By buying only the best registered Bonsmara bulls we could afford since 2003, we managed to breed a highly productive cow that wean a strong calve every year regardless of the rainfall.

In 2006 we introduced our first polled Bonsmara Bulls in our herd, resulting in 25% of our herd being either polled or scurred. We believe there’s a place in the Bonsmara system for polled Bonsmaras of good quality. We recently imported 2 unrelated polled Bulls from South-Africa and hope to acquire more of these top bulls with unrelated genetics in future.

Our aims and goals? To breed well adapted, hardy and fertile commercial and stud heifers for the market whether they are polled, scurred or horned, with good milk production and growth that will fit into any breeding system in Namibia. Bulls for the market? Yes, we will have bulls available in the future.

Our motto? If it’s not good enough for our herd, it’s not good enough for the market.