Rima Bonsmara Stud

Rehoboth District
Richard Theron
+264 81 128 2273

As beginner farmers, we selected the Bonsmara breed after much research. We found its temperament to be calm and easy to work as an attractive quality, particularly as beginners. The breed has an exceptional average weighing capacity, it has a high beef quality etc . The more we researched the more interesting we found the Bonsmara breed. Like the fact that it was comprehensively scientifically discovered in South Africa, the overall breeding philosophy. Bonsmara has grown exponentially in both South Africa and Namibia is a good indication of the commercial aspect of the breed. Our research showed that the Bonsmara breed is one of the most effective and economical types of cattle one can breed with.

RIMA Bonsmara started in 2015 with a small stud herd – we call them the ‘originals’. We purchased our initial herd from EMOK Bonsmara – Edward Hansen. We selected a well-balanced herd with older elite cows, some heifers and a Bull. We are fortunate that the Bonsmara’s adapted so well in the Hardap Region where we farm. Another favoured characteristic of the breed. This characteristic enables a stud breeder to sell a Bonsmara with confidence, because of its adaptability.

We also appreciated the Bonsmara Breed Association’s professional and organised culture to be an aspect that we could easily slot into and enjoy. Our vision as beginner stud breeders is to farm profitably, the Bonsmara breed we believe is ideal to enable us to achieve this goal.