Okamaja Bonsmara

Okahandja District
GM Sigwart co Reiner Roxin
+264 81 2424111
Sigfried du Toit
+264 81 3562555

Okamaja Bonsmara stud was established 31 years ago with the selection of 80 cows and heifers. The original herd consisted of Hereford, Holsteiner and Afrikaner crossbreeds.

By using the best possible Bonsmara bulls from Namibia and South Africa, and applying strict phenotypical and efficiency guidelines during selection of male and female animals, Okamaja Bonsmara has become a trusted stud. The stud has been doing performance tests since 1974 and annual selections are executed according to Bonsmara breed standards.

Cattle graze in the Sandveld, which is not known for its nutritious grass. However, these circumstances ensure that hardened veld bulls are bred that are capable of adapting to any area.