Hochfeldstreek Bonsmaras

Hochfeld District
Streicher & Hella Coetzee
+264 81 129 8387
+264 81 203 6484
Streicher Coetzee
+264 81 129 8387
+264 81 203 6484

The home of Hochfeldstreek Bonsmaras is situated just north of Hochfeld, north east of Okahandja, on the Farm Omantumba in the Sandveld area. The farm Omantumba is stocked with pure and only registered Bonsmaras.

The stud is run by Streicher Coetzee and his wife Hella (daughter of Harald Metzger – third farming generation).  Both studied agriculture (animal science and animal nutrition)  and share a passion for Bonsmara. 

With the motto "breeding is our passion",  Streicher and Hella have learnt that by realising your breeding goal, you need to stay on track of breed developement. There is a humble admiration when animals, environment, buyers and co-breeders help to realise the difference between "bull-production" and "stud-breeding". Buyers at Hochfeldstreek Bonsmaras are supplied with new, unrelated genetics frequently.   

Production and reproduction are the two most important selection criteria the herd is built on. Currently the main focus is to breed a strong functional efficient Bonsmara with high calving ease, strong post birth growth with good conformation and capacity, good weaning performance and early maturing animals who can efficiently produce and reproduce.

A valued lesson that was inherited and is applied daily, is the saying "Nature does not tolerate extremes".  Ask you environment which animals you need to farm with, what production system to apply, and you will find that you experience the least difficulties.  Every measurement and advice is used to improve quality and thereby make available improved cattle genetics.   Bulls as well as females have been integrated mainly in the surrounding Sandveld area, but also in areas as far as Maltahöhe, Aroab, Kamanjab and Grootfontein, as well as the Khomas Hochland, and even Botswana.

We take our animals throughout Namibia to an auction near you. The Hochfeldstreek Bonsmaras are offered at Hartebeestloop Auction near Stampriet, Top Tien Bonsmara auction in Otjiwarongo, G8 Bonsmara auction in Windhoek, Mega Bonsmara auction at Hochfeld, and Gobabis Bonsmara Auction in Gobabis.  Look elsewhere on the website for a detailed events calender to find us.  Look out for the Bonsmara with a MP as his registered brand and an HMB in his ear for quality tattoos.  We hope to see you at one of our auctions soon!