Jungfrau Bonsmara

Karibib District
Julie & Neurath Botha
+264 81 346 9215
+264 81 124 3398

Christo Botha started Jungfrau Bonsmara Stud in 2012. Once familiar with the importance of selection and genetics, Christo purchased the best available in the country with 40 hand-picked pregnant heifers and the most expensive (to this day still) bull on auction at Hartebeestloop in 2013, namely HART 10-0116.

Christo's son Neurath and myself (Julie) started running the Stud in 2015, we apply strenuous selection due to the arid environnement in which we farm, but also due to my Veterinary background. We have started using AI as a mean to bring in new genetics. This year, the drought has forced us to only keep the very best out of our herd, that is selection at its best!

Come and see our bulls and heifers at the G8 auction on the 1st of September, we will also be present at Hartebeestloop in 2017.