The Bonsmara Bull
The Bonsmara Bull
Investing in your future
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Bonsmara Booklet

“To buy a bull that is not performance tested and not registered is like gambling with your future.”

These are the words Dr. Joggie Briedenhann brings to the platform each and every year during the Bonsmara Association’s training day with the students of University of Namibia.

When thinking about the statement one often wonders what exactly does it mean? The true meaning of that statement will never make sense if you do not realise that buying a bull is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your farming career. The right bull can forever change your herd, but the wrong bull can ruin your farming career. The progeny of any bull that you will bring into your herd will be 50% of each offspring produced by him for each calving season.

What specifications must a proper bull then comply with?

A proper registered bull must first of all be fertile, be well adapted and be able to serve at least 35 cows in a mating season. The second important requirement is that a bull must be healthy and free of any sickness and venereal diseases, and lastly a bull must contribute positively to the total production of your herd.

In light of the above explanation of the specifications of a herd bull, let us look at the following 10 requirements a registered Bonsmara bull must comply with.

A registered Bonsmara bull:

  • Will have a pedigree dating back more than 50 years
  • Will be either a studbook proper bull (SP) or a 2nd generation bull (B)
  • No rejected bulls may be sold and must be culled
  • Will have a proper certified catalogue on auction and will be auctioned
  • off under the auspices of the Bonsmara Breeders Association of Namibia
  • Must have a dam that meets all minimum breeding standards
  • Must go through the Bonsmara system, selection process and screening before an auction
  • Must be performance tested – “to measure all is to know all”
  • Must have performance test data, pedigrees, breeding values and reproduction data
  • Must have its paternity confirmed by means of DNA
  • Must have a bull breeding soundness certificate certified by a veterinary surgeon
  • Must have a B brand on his right shoulder

We can then say with peace of mind that a registered Bonsmara bull complies with all the requirements to be a proper herd bull and by buying a registered Bonsmara bull you are no longer gambling with your future but rather making a proper investment in it.

The benefits of buying a registered Bonsmara bull are endless and it comes with a certain kind of assurance and peace of mind. Find a breeder near you and make the right decision! Buy a registered Bonsmara bull for your herd!

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